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Monday 8 May, 8-9 am CEST
OET Speaking: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Traps FULLY BOOKED!
Develop and enhance the ‘necessary’ communication skills with our resident native speaker! Understand all aspects of the test including, a clear understanding of the ‘essence’ and criteria of the test, interpretation of roleplay cards, management of awkward patients, practical experience, video analysis and more… Sign up for our class and learn how to succeed in the OET Speaking!

Thursday 11 May,  5:30-6:30 pm CEST
English Pronunciation for Medical Professionals FULLY BOOKED!
In this lesson you will learn how to correct your pronunciation of commonly mispronounced medical words. You will also focus on stress, rhythm an intonation in medical English, thus increasing your English speaking confidence. Do you want to be easily understood by patients and colleagues? Nothing simpler – join our class and improve your pronunciation!

Tuesday 16 May, 6:30-7:30 pm CEST
Typical Doctor-Patient Encounter FULLY BOOKED!
During this class you will have a chance to discuss a typical doctor’s appointment and expand your vocabulary on topics such as taking a medical history, asking about symptoms and talking about pain in English. You will surely benefit from this class regardless of what your medical specialty is! Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and take your career to the next level.

Friday 19 May, 8-9 am CEST
OET Writing: Re-writing the Case Notes
Are you struggling with re-writing case notes effectively for the OET Writing? Join our lesson on Re-Writing the Case Notes for the OET and learn how to analyze case notes, identify key information, and present the case notes in a clear and concise manner in your letter! Our experienced instructor will teach you practical tips and strategies to improve re-writing case notes, grouping information and paraphrasing successfully to help you succeed in the OET exam. Enrol now!

Tuesday 23 May, 8-9 am CEST
OET Listening: Tips and Strategies for Part A
In this class you will get familiar with the ins and outs of Part A in the OET Listening sub-test. We will discuss not only its structure and useful preparation techniques, but also some smart strategies how to deal with the possible ‘traps’ that might come up in this sub-test. Sign up now and learn how to improve your listening comprehension!

Friday 26 May, 5-6 pm CEST
Fluency in Medical Communication
Communication in a foreign language presents some unique difficulties. Explore this topic in-depth with our resident native speaker. Utilise a variety of tools to reduce hesitation, communicate clearly and project calm confidence in English. There is also a psychological element to the course, specifically designed to help you reduce stress. Enrol now and start to enjoy ‘speaking with natives.’

Monday 29 May, 8-9 am CEST
OET Reading: Tips and Strategies to Succeed
In this lesson you will learn a few reading tips that can help you succeed in the OET Reading sub-test. Using various strategies is an important way to improve your scores in the OET. Our experienced instructor will guide you how to utilise various sources and what to expect in different parts of this sub-test. Join the lesson to see how you can improve your reading comprehension skills!

Wednesday 31/05, 8-9pm CEST
OET Speaking: Relationship Building
Are you preparing for the OET and looking to improve your communication skills? Join our OET -Relationship Building: Principles & Practice lesson and learn how to build positive and effectiverelationships with patients and carers. Our experienced instructor will teach you the principles of relationship-building criterion in the OET exam and provide you with practical strategies to enhance your communication skills. You will also learn about the most common mistakes within this criterion.

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