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European GPs - join the NHS England! An alternative to the traditional ‘I&R’ route and IELTS

As part of a national drive to increase GP numbers, NHS England in cooperation with Paragona has completed a successful pilot project to recruit 25 European GPs to work for the NHS in Lincolnshire.
The next phase of the project will now see a hundred GPs recruited to work in practices across the NHS Central Midlands region.
The recruitment and overseas training is being delivered for the NHS by Paragona, the company behind the successful pilot project in Lincolnshire. For 17 years Paragona has specialised in helping doctors and dentists to develop their careers by moving to new countries across Europe.

The offer includes:

  • Permanent contract of employment
  • Very attractive salary: £70,000 – £90,000 per year
  • No IELTS - free of charge English course at the Paragona Campus
  • Free of charge journey to the Paragona Campus and back
  • Scholarship, free accommodation, free lunches, free study materials during the campus course
  • Online English course for family members
  • Full assistance with registration
  • Coverage of GMC registration fee
  • An alternative to the traditional ‘I&R’ route upon arrival in the UK
  • Support with settlement (internet, bank account, finding an apartment, school and kindergarten etc.)
  • Generous relocation package



  • Medical diploma and specialist degree in General Practice compliant with the EU directive
  • EU/EEA nationality
  • Communicative level of English

Please note that the job offer and contract that you sign will not be broken or changed to your disadvantage due to Brexit!

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Main responsibilities of the GPs in the UK differ from most other EU countries. They have deeper knowledge of diagnostics and treatment of health problems in all ages. A further difference is that the district nurses and other professionals perform duties that in some other EU countries are performed by doctors only. Another possibly distinctive approach to their daily work is the fact that the patients expect participation and information to a greater extent.

At the primary healthcare clinics there is usually equipment for minor surgery and various types of examinations, which in many other countries are carried out in hospitals or specialist clinics. Adequate referrals to other specialists is therefore only referrals for issues in which special equipment is required or in an unusual or difficult to treat condition, in which another specialist is necessary.

The work also includes child and maternal health care, preventive and rehabilitation. The work is done in collaboration with other professionals, in co-operation with additional authorities in the community.

The European Union has brought great opportunities for specialists in the field of family medicine (GP) seeking to move across European borders in search of personal and professional development. The Paragona team is passionate about helping professionals like yourself to take advantage of finding unique jobs for GPs. We will work hard to find a suitable job offer for you. When you sign the contract of employment, we provide you and your family with all the preparation and support you need to successfully meet the challenge. These jobs apply only to the European Union GPs.


More opportunities for Family Medicine specialists (GPs) in France and Sweden!


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