Specialist doctor in Family Medicine


Region Jönköping, different locations


This is a full-time on-site role for Family Doctors located in Jönköping, Sävsjö, or Mullsjö. Region Jönköping.

Primary care’s mission is growing and changing. We are facing an exciting future, where we focus more on easily accessible care, smart digital solutions and care close to the patient. Where we want to offer the best possible care with participating patients and where we care for a good working environment for all our employees.

With us, patients are offered assessment, investigation, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation to varying extents depending on the disease and symptoms. The health center offers care at different levels in all stages of life.

We receive all types of patients – adults, children, pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases such as diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, asthma/COPD, heart failure, mental illness. We also deal with Infections, ears, eyes, gynaecology and other problems.

Visiting times are adapted based on the patient’s needs, but for doctors, emergency visits are 20 minutes and planned visits 30 minutes. Approx. there are ca. 10 patient visits per day but other tasks include telephone calls and administration

  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Medical degree and specialist diploma obtained within the European Union
  • European Union citizenship or long-term residency permit
  • Good standing and clear criminal records
  • Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility
  • We do not require Swedish –  free of charge language course will be provided after accepting the job!
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Please send your CV via email:  info@paragona.com or contact us on: +48 600  477 986.

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