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Paragona is a leading provider of solutions to staff shortages in the healthcare sector. For over 20 years, we have been helping specialist doctors and other healthcare professionals across the European Union to find job offers abroad and to create unique opportunities of both personal and professional development.
Throughout this period, we have established relations with over 100 employers to let you choose a healthcare position in prestigious medical facilities in Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and France. Working in hospitals or medical practices recommended by us will ensure competitive wages, favourable social conditions and work-life balance. Our extensive experience and understanding of the market guarantees efficient language training programmes and smooth relocation process.

How we work

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Our offers are addressed to medical professionals who

  • are citizens of members states of the European Union and gained their primary medical qualification and specialist qualification in an EU country;
  • have long-term residency status in an EU country, have their qualifications recognised in any of the member states and have worked in an EU country for at least three consecutive years in the last five years.

Registered nurse postions

We are primarily looking for registered psychiatric nurses but also nurses with experience of working in psychiatry and preferably with this patient category. 

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Consultant in Internal Medicine with interest in Acute Medicine

We are looking to recruit a new Consultant in Internal Medicine with interest in Acute Medicine to join friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic team based at York Hospital.

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Consultant in Internal Medicine with interest in Acute Medicine

We are looking to recruit a new Consultant in Internal Medicine with interest in Acute Medicine to join friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic team based at Scarborough Hospital.

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Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Are you a specialist in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry looking forward to working in Great Britain? There are numerous job offers in NHS hospitals and we will be happy to actively search for a suitable vacancy for you.

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Specialist doctor in Cardiology

We are looking for cardiologists with experience in the most common procedures and examinations, such as transthoracic echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography. Should also master control of the most common pacemakers.

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Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology

We are looking to recruit a new Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology to join friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic team based at Scarborough Hospital.

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Specialist doctor in Endocrinology

We are looking for skilled endocrinologists who envision their future in Norway, and who can be part of the team. Several locations available.

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Consultant in ENT

We are looking to recruit a new Consultant in ENT to join our friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic team based at York Hospital.

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Specialist in Family Medicine

New opportunities for Family Medicine specilists to work in several locations throughout Essex County.

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Specialist in Family Medicine

Fantastic new opportunities for Family Medicine specialists to join well established clinics on a long term contract.

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Learn how we work

Please contact us and we will do our best to find you a suitable vacancy. After you register on our website, you will receive available job offers according to your professional profile. If you find a job position interesting, we will schedule a meeting with our recruitment specialist and provide you with a detailed job description. If your qualifications are suitable for the advertised position, we will arrange an interview with the potential employer. When you receive and accept the job offer, you will sign an agreement with the employer and start an intensive language course (if applicable for your offer). Once you have met all the requirements, we will help you with relocation. We will provide you and your family with all necessary assistance throughout the whole process so that you will successfully meet the challenge of working abroad!

How we work

Follow these simple steps



Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as there are some available job offers.


Online meeting

Schedule a meeting with our recruitment specialist so that we can learn about your expectations and discuss the details of the offer.


Job interview

If you have suitable qualifications, we will arrange a job interview with a potential employer.


Signing the contract

After you accept the terms and conditions, you will sign an offer letter/a conditional contract, which guarantees your employment after you meet all the requirements to start working abroad.


Language training

Once you have accepted the job offer, you will participate in the free-of-charge training programme to reach the required level of language proficiency (applicable for offers in the Nordic countries and some offers in the UK - please check the language requirements for each offer).



After you finish the training, we will help you with relocation and all necessary formalities which are related to starting a new job abroad.


Catarina F., Portugal

Paragona is a perfect company to support you if you´re planning to move abroad. Paragona´s team is committed, creative, friendly, trustworthy and very professional. Their knowledge and experience are an enormous advantage in a moment of some uncertainty as the change of country can be. I am very grateful to all of them.

Luis C. G., family doctor from Spain

Paragona has been an awesome experience for me because, when I was contacted by them, I had a lot of doubts. However, since I arrived at the Campus in Poland, everything changed. They are a fantastic supportive team, who not only will teach you the language, but also they will help you with all kinds of issues before you relocate abroad. Very professional, excellent teachers and human being quality. Thanks a lot forever.

Chiara S., a psychiatrist from Italy

I had a great experience with Paragona staff! I decided to move to Sweden with my husband in winter 2019 when we were about to finish the residency program. Everyone was very helpful and professional from the beginning and it was noticeable that they have a lot of experience in recruitment and replacement of doctors. I didn’t have to worry about anything and could focus only on following their program and learning the language. Paragona’s campus is brand new, 30 minutes from Warsaw and the apartments are very comfortable. The language program is very intense, but when I moved to Sweden I could speak and understand the language that was absolutely new for me. Teachers are very nice and qualified and It was a pleasure to learn from them. When I decided to work abroad as psychiatrist, I was very worried that I would not be able to communicate with my patients in a good way, but within only 9 months I achieved C1 level in Swedish without problems. Paragona’s staff also helped my family to find the first accommodation in Sweden which is something very difficult in the big cities. Moreover, we needed to move in March 2020, during the Covid-lockdown and the staff did everything possible to help us despite the situation. They were available, flexible and supportive 24/7 during the crisis that was affecting everyone. Once we moved to Sweden they kept on helping us with all the required documents to obtain the legitimation and mediated the communication with the institutions until everything was cleared. I’m very glad that I chose Paragona and I highly recommend them to every medical doctor who is interested into moving abroad.

Dalibor, GP from Czech Republic

To be honest, I wasn´t happy I had to spend almost three months on the campus before starting my new career in the UK. How wrong I was! I found my English not good enough to start without intensive learning and soon I became more than happy to be there. The team of teachers was absolutely amazing! Helpful, motivating, ready to help, understanding our different needs and social background, however, tough in order to get us ready to pursue our new career as smoothly as possible. Moreover, as a GP, I couldn´t imagine to process all necessary documents for the GMC registration, searching for new accommodation, relocate family and much, much more. For everything mentioned there were ladies with outstanding approach, able to sort out every problem. Although all this mentioned happened “ages ago”, I´ve been still in warm touch with them and thanks to them I was able to pass OET exam this year.

Domagoj, Radiologist from Croatia

It is not easy when you are almost 50 years old to decide to move to a new country, but it is not really the most difficult. The most difficult thing, and you also panic, is the thought that you need to learn a language that is completely new and unknown. But fortunately, Paragona offers several opportunities and tries to meet each student’s needs. Of course the course was intense and required a lot of work and commitment but all the teachers were fantastic and supportive! I am really grateful to all the teachers for their patience. They have done a fantastic job in a very short time, I think. In addition to teachers, the entire Paragona team is fantastic and they literally help with everything (documents, flow, accommodation and everything else). In summary, my experience with Paragona is wonderful and can only recommend them to anyone considering moving and working abroad!

Tanja V. K., Croatia

Jag älskar Paragona. Tillsammans med min familj är vi jättetacksamma för allt ni gjorde för oss. Tack vare er är vårt liv här mycket enklare. Språkträningen är intensiv men det lönar sig att klara den färdigt. Paragona är bäst!

Karel K., Czech Republic

I am very grateful not only for this job opportunity and for the help to reach the required level of language, but also to all of the Paragona team, to all awesome ladies, secretaries, teachers – they all were very helpful. As for the language course in Piaseczno, it was run in brand new facilities, with accommodation and classrooms that were fully equipped for intensive language learning and study. The accommodation was cozy and practical, good enough also to have some rest in the evening after a busy day. Over six hours of language training daily, I had it practically with my two personal Norwegian teachers, so it was very intensive and very useful. I also remember good lunches every day, with a possibility to choose vegetarian food, one of the best in my life. So, my intensive Norwegian language course went without problems with the best support from all the people from Paragona, but first of all I have to thank my Norwegian teacher Magdalena, always very professional and prepared to help.

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