How we work

Please contact us and we will do our best to find you a suitable vacancy. After you register on our website, you will receive available job offers according to your professional profile. If you find a job position interesting, we will schedule a meeting with our recruitment specialist and provide you with a detailed job description. Follow the steps below to check out how we work.


The first step is an online registration on our website register online or contact via email at In reply, you will receive an email with information about available job offers.

If an offer that you’re interested in involves language training, you will be invited to a trial lesson (if you haven’t studied the language before) or a language assessment (if you already have some knowledge of the language). This meeting is scheduled online with one of our teachers. The positive outcome of the assessment makes you eligible to move to the next stage of the recruitment process.

The next step is a video call with our recruitment specialist. During the meeting, you will:

  • have a chance to present your experience, qualifications and strong sides;
  • receive more details about available offers, the employers and the destination country;
  • gain a better understanding of what we can offer you and your family both before and after moving to the new country.

Interview with an Employer

As soon as an employer shows interest in your profile, you will be invited to participate in a job interview. This allows you to find out more about working conditions and responsibilities. After the interview, the employer will make the final decision about offering you employment.

Contract of Employment

When you receive and accept the job offer, you will sign an offer letter which guarantees employment in the position you applied for, together with the agreed terms, conditions and salary, provided you meet all the requirements listed in the job offer.

Language training

If your job offer involves language training, we will present you the programme of our free-of-charge course which you will attend once you have signed the offer letter.
The course will be delivered at our campus or online. The length of the training depends on the language and the entry level which is accepted in different countries. We provide intensive course at our campus in Poland – 5 days per week (36 hours per week) – or online (less intensively, based on candidates’ availability). During the training, we not only cover the aspects of everyday communication, but also focus on professional, medical vocabulary and the typical situations to be confronted in the new work environment. Special emphasis is put on good communication with patients and colleagues. We also try to incorporate some cultural elements so that you can be aware of the differences which may arise when you move to a new country.
All costs related to your participation in the residential costs, including lunches and accommodation, will be covered by Paragona. In addition, you will receive a stipend.
Depending on the job offer and language requirements, the training programme may continue after your relocation and will be run together with the induction at the new workplace. Additional training is delivered part-time during the first few months after arrival.

If your job offer does not include language training and you do not meet the language requirements listed in the job offer, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a commercial online course at Paragona Academy.

Learn about Paragona Academy


When relocating to another country, you should take into consideration several key factors as the scope of support we provide depends on the country you’re moving to, your personal situation and relocation package offered by the employer. The better-prepared you are, the smoother the transition will be. Below you will find the areas in which you can expect to receive our support.

Licensing and employment authorization, registration of stay and visa

We make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements to receive a licence to practise as well as permits to stay and work in the destination country. Different countries may have different licensing procedures and requirements for foreign-trained health professionals. Our support includes supervision and guidance during the application processes to relevant institutions and regulatory bodies abroad.

Practicalities related to relocation

We support our candidates with practical aspects of relocation, this includes searching for relocation companies, finding accommodation, school or kindergarten. Plus, we provide guidance on other issues related to the arrival in the new country. If you are moving with life partners or dependants, remember to take into account their needs, including employment, education, healthcare. This can greatly affect your work-life balance and ensure well-being during the adaptation process.

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Are you considering working abroad? Paragona supports doctors and other medical professionals in taking advantage of unique job opportunities abroad. Check out our offers or contact us for detailed information.