Specialist doctor in Radiology, Mammography


Karlskrona, Sweden


The Blekinge region is characterized by its short distances – you can live in the countryside and work in the city, or vice versa; you can live by the sea or in the forest. It is seldom necessary to find a compromise between leisure, work, school, childcare, active community life or home.


The doctor must be able to review mammography images, tomosynthesis images and perform ultrasounds. Be able to perform investigations of breast changes including punctures and biopsies with ultrasound and stereotactic guidance. Experience in MRI breast examination is an advantage. You have a lot of contact with patients and collaborate with other staff in the breast process. As you work closely with your colleagues, it is important to us that you have good cooperation skills, communication and confidence in your professional role.


As a mammography specialist, you are responsible for independently examining clinical patients with mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound, biopsy with ultrasound guidance or stereotactic guidance. Review of mammography screening is also part of your work. You actively participate in multidisciplinary conferences and supervise doctors on specialist duty.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Medical degree and specialist diploma obtained within the European Union
  • European Union citizenship or long-term residency permit
  • Good standing and clear criminal records
  • Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility
  • We do not require Swedish –  free of charge language course will be provided after accepting the job!
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