Specialist doctor in Nephrology


Örebro, Sweden

Employment: Full time, 40 hours/ week
Duration of the contract: Permanent


Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) is one of the county’s three emergency hospitals where we provide advanced healthcare, research and education. In both 2020 and 2019, USÖ received the newspaper Dagens Medicin’s prestigious award Best university hospital. USÖ won the heaviest category of medical quality, had the best results in the category of accessibility, economy, and the category of avoiding pressure ulcers and overcrowding. USÖ also tops the results in the areas of heart, kidney failure and vascular surgery. USÖ has approximately 3,500 employees. We who work here are very proud of our hospital and base our work on collaboration, development and professionalism.

  • Specialist title recognized in the European Union
  • EU citizenship or long-term residency in the EU
  • Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility
  • We do not require Swedish – language course will be provided after accepting the job offer!

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