Specialist doctor in Psychiatry; General or Children & Adolescents


Stavanger, Norway

Employment: Full time, 40 hours/ week
Duration of the contract: Permanent


The university hospital, is responsible for the specialist health service in Sør-Rogaland. With over 7800 employees, we are one of the region’s largest employers. Patient treatment, education of health personnel, patient education and research are our main tasks.

Rogaland has a lot to offer for you who are considering moving. Beautiful nature with sea, long sandy beaches, beautiful fjord areas and many hiking trails in the mountains and fields.

The region offers an active business and cultural life. There is an expansive labour market in our area and there is a great commitment related to cultural experiences.


  • Admission and assessment of patients referred for treatment
  • Diagnostic assessment and treatment
  • Decision responsibility
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Collaboration with relatives
  • Teaching and supervision of environmental personnel
  • Training and guidance for doctors in specialization
  • Opportunity for participation in the clinic’s on-call scheme
  • The clinic is approved for full-fledged specialist education in psychiatry, which includes working in various units under clinical supervision at both DPS and hospital level.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Medical degree and specialist diploma obtained within the European Union
  • European Union citizenship
  • Good standing and clear criminal records
  • Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility
  • We do not require Norwegian – language free of charge course will be provided after accepting the job!

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For more details, please contact Justyna Sikorska via email:  justyna.sikorska@paragona.com or mobile: +48784092209

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