Specialist doctor in Psychiatry; General or Children & Adolescents


University hospital in Southern Sweden

Employment: Full time, 40 hours/ week
Duration of the contract: Permanent


We are looking for doctors who really want to become specialists in a number of diagnoses in psychiatry as we are one highly specialized university hospital.

We are very research-oriented, so we welcome doctors who want to contribute with research to future knowledge within these areas, but the first year is about learning the language and the routines at SU before it can become eligible to enter into a research project.

Our vacancies are all in outpatient or inpatient clinics where you have a great chance to influence the quality of life for his patients under treatment in a good team of psychologists, nurses, counsellors, resident doctors.

The receptions are set up according to diagnoses, but many patients also have a comorbidity and rarely just a diagnosis so you have great use of your general psychiatric knowledge and experience our subspecialized receptions.

There are available positions at:

Unit for Affective Disorders

Bipolar Disorder Unit

Inpatient care at Sahlgrenska Hospital

Gender dysphoria clinic

Inpatient care at Östra Hospital

Personality Disorder Unit

Exhaustion Disorder Unit

Neuropsychiatry Unit

Eating Disorder Unit

  • Medical and specialist title recognized in the EU
  • European Union citizenship
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Good standing and clear criminal records
  • Good teamwork, reliability, responsibility, flexibility
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with patients and colleagues
  • We do not require Swedish –  free of charge language course will be provided after accepting the job!

Interested in the offer?
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For more details, please contact Justyna Sikorska via email:  justyna.sikorska@paragona.com or mobile: +48784092209

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