Specialist in Family Medicine

Wielka Brytania

Several locations throughout Essex County, Great Britain


General practitioners have an important role in looking after patients in their homes and within the
communities where they live. They are part of a much wider team whose role includes promoting,
preventing and initiating treatment. As a GP, you will be expected to care for an increasingly diverse
population, often living with multiple health conditions and taking numerous medications. Your role
will also include preventing disease and encouraging your patients to manage their own health. In
addition, you must work effectively with multi-disciplinary teams and services.
Once you have achieved independence, we will offer further support to develop your aims and
interests, through the GP Fellowship Programme and the mentoring Schemes, helping you to unlock
your passion and potential.

The offer includes:
  • Thorough support on every stage of the recruitment & relocation process
  • Permanent contract of employment
  • Free preparation resources for the MCQ Assessment
  • A tailored clinical training and educational support
  • Relocation budget of £8,000
  • Reimbursement of GMC, visa, DBS and medical indemnity costs


  •  £4,000 net per month during clinical placement (up to 9 months)
  • £75,000 – £104,085 gross per annum once you have gained full entry to the Medical
    Performance List
  • Specialist title in Family Medicine
  • GMC licence to practise including GP Register
  • IELTS / OET certificate with scores required by the GMC

If you don’t have the required English certificate, you can join our online course and prepare for the test. Please note that part of your course fee and the exam fee will be reimbursed if you sign a job contract with Paragona’s assistance. Go to http://www.paragona.com/academy for more details.

Interested in the offer?
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Please send your CV via email:  info@paragona.com or contact us on: +48 600  477 986.

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